What Fish Can Live With Turtles in a Tank?

Mixing animals of different groups can result in some fascinating displays! Fish and reptiles like turtles are naturally found together in nature, right? So why not keep them together in your home aquarium or pond? What fish can live with turtles in a tank? Read on to find out! What Fish Can Live With Turtles … Read more

Can You Over Filter a Fish Tank?

Can You Over Filter a Fish Tank - Featured Image

Since fish can’t breathe air, aquariums are a very technology-oriented hobby. From lights to filter systems, there is a lot of mediation needed to help keep your wet pets alive and happy! But sometimes, choosing filters gets a little confusing. Since a little filtration is a good thing – what about a lot more? Can … Read more

How To Increase Oxygen in Fish Tank?

How To Increase Oxygen in Fish Tank - Featured Image

Everyone knows that aquarium aeration is an important part of keeping a fish tank healthy. But why is that? Does your tank have enough aeration of the right kind – or have dissolved oxygen levels become a problem? Let’s take a look at the role of oxygen in fish and how to increase oxygen in … Read more

Coralife Biocube 32 Review – Is This Fish Tank Worth the Money?

CoralifeBiocube 32 Review

Coralife Biocube 32 Review Imagine a beautiful, well-maintained aquarium with fishes swimming in it; well, with led BioCube aquarium, your imagination can turn into a reality. Most people don’t own aquariums because they are scared they can’t properly maintain them. Owning an aquarium can be very rewarding, and that is if you have the proper … Read more

DIY Aquarium


Keeping fresh or saltwater fish—or both—can be rewarding in more ways than one, but building your own DIY aquarium adds a personalized touch that you can’t get otherwise. Your aquarium should be uniquely you, and what better way to achieve that than to build your own tank? If you’re new to owning aquatic animals, there’s … Read more

5 Best Bow Front Aquariums of 2022

Best Bow Front Aquarium

Bow front aquariums have grown in popularity in recent years. Traditional rectangular aquariums have been a standard for most homes for decades, due to their efficient manufacturing and installation, as well as easy cleaning.  While traditional aquariums are going nowhere, a new trend is showing a change in consumer taste and needs. This is why … Read more

11 Best Self Cleaning Fish Tanks of 2022

Best Self Cleaning Fish Tanks

As an aquatic pet owner, you are probably aware of how time-consuming it can be to care for and maintain a fish tank.  They can quickly become extremely dirty, and the maintenance process can be an intricate process. What was once a beautiful aquatic image is now a flood of grime. For this reason, a … Read more