Why Do Goldfish Chase Each Other?

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There is a specific time when goldfish must chase each other. This is the spawning period. So if you find your pets going after each other when they are not in the breeding season, that is a sign that something is wrong. Check out this article to find out why goldfish chase each other. You … Read more

What Do Goldfish Eat in a Pond?

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Keeping goldfish in the aquarium or a controlled indoor pond differs from keeping goldfish in an outdoor pond. In the aquarium, goldfish browse aquarium plants for food in addition to the fish food provided by their owner. But the same is not the case for goldfish in an outdoor pond. If you have a pond … Read more

How Do Guppies Mate? [Process & Ideal Mating Explained]

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Guppies do not lay eggs. These tropical fish are livebearers and will readily reproduce if the condition of the fish tank is favorable. However, guppy breeding can be too much to handle if you are unaware of how guppies mate and what you can do to protect your guppy fry. Here is a detailed explanation … Read more

Do Goldfish Eat Shrimp If You Keep Them Together?

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There is no straightforward answer to this question. The answer will depend on many factors. These factors include how big your goldfish tank is, what and how often you feed your goldfish, whether you have enough hiding places for the shrimp, and how big your shrimp are. However, it is important to point out that … Read more

Do Guppies Give Live Birth? [A Simple Explaination]

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Guppies reproduce at a very fast rate, giving birth to several baby guppies in the aquarium. They are prolific at reproducing a large number of offspring. If care is not taken, they can overcrowd your aquarium. This is why newbies in the hobby may wonder whether guppies breed by laying eggs or birthing live young … Read more

Canister Filter vs Bio Wheel Filtration Comparison

One of the concerns of hobbyists is the right power filter. The danger of over-filtering is what they want to avoid. You may have heard about canister filters and how they compare to bio wheels. If you are looking for a detailed canister filter vs bio wheel, here is one. Read on to learn more. … Read more

Do Clownfish Mate for Life?

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Introduction Clownfish have a very intriguing social system. Some fascinating behaviors clownfish engage in include changing gender, eliminating competition, and upholding some order in their environment contingent on their size. Although we know they ultimately become parents, do clownfish mate for life? Should you start with a breeding pair instead of a lone clownfish? These … Read more