What Fish Eat Seaweed - Featured Image

What Fish Eat Seaweed?

What is Seaweed and Why Do Saltwater Fish Eat it? First off, you might be surprised to learn that seaweed is not truly a plant in the sense of a tree or shrub. It is actually a kind of multicellular algae that forms giant branching structures! Unlike most species of terrestrial plants, seaweed is much …

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What Fish Eat Seaweed - Featured Image

Do Fish Have Backbones?

When watching a fish swim, you might be charmed by the grace many species display. While they have entire systems designed to propel them, it’s easy to recognize that their skeleton plays a major role in their movement. Fish seem so fluid and flexible that it begs the question do fish have backbones?! Vertebrates vs …

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Can Fish Swim Backwards?

At first glance, fish seem to all swim in more or less the same manner. They all whip their body laterally and use their tail fin to move forwards and backward… Right? Well, not quite! Fish actually use five different swimming strategies when moving forward – but what about backward? Can fish swim backwards? And …

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