Do Clownfish Mate for Life?

do clownfish mate for life - Featured Image

Introduction Clownfish have a very intriguing social system. Some fascinating behaviors clownfish engage in include changing gender, eliminating competition, and upholding some order in their environment contingent on their size. Although we know they ultimately become parents, do clownfish mate for life? Should you start with a breeding pair instead of a lone clownfish? These … Read more

How Often to Feed Clownfish – Guide

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Introduction  Your clownfish’s overall health and growth depend on knowing how much food to give it and adopting a good feeding plan. It’s critical to know the answers to questions about their feeding regimen to ensure that your clownfish is healthy. In this article, we’ll be addressing essential questions on: How regularly should you feed … Read more

Do Clownfish Eat Copepods?

Do Clownfish Eat Copepods - Featured Image

So you bought yourself a clownfish, an excellent choice! Made famous from the film “Finding Nemo,” it’s an easy-to-raise species of fish and is considered beginner-level among aquarists. You also must have heard about copepods as a self-replicating constant source of food for your clownfish, right? Many aquarists believe copepods to be the only thing … Read more

Eel Like Freshwater Fish – Fish That Look Like Eels

Perhaps, the most important fact to note about true eels is that some level of salinity is required for their survival. This means that in the strict sense, there are no true freshwater eels that live and breed in freshwaters. Like many other fish, these eels usually spend their lives in fresh and brackish waters … Read more