Fish That Start With Q [Extensive Freshwater & Saltwater Fish Name List]

In case you missed the earlier published articles about fish names, here is a chance to learn about common names of fish, beginning with the letter Q!

As usual, you will find our top picks with some information about their characteristics and how best to care for them. This will be followed by a list of other fishes that can be easily included in your aquarium.

Check out these common names below. But first, start with our top 5 fish that start with q.

Our Top 5 Fish Names Beginning With Q

Queen Triggerfish

Queen Triggerfish

Queen Triggerfish is not a regular aquarium fish. It is a popular gamefish in the Atlantic ocean. But it is also kept in large aquariums.

Old Wife is another common name for this fish. It is a reef dweller that reaches around 24 inches in length, but many Queen Triggerfish in captivity reach only about 12 inches in length.

This fish belongs to the Balistidae family. It has beautiful vibrant colors and an oval shape. An impressive trait of this fish, as you will find, is that it can lock itself in a burrow or a crack between reef rocks to avoid being pulled out by a predator.

Although being prey to other fish, this triggerfish is also a carnivore. If you plan to keep it in your tank, you want to provide enough room for it to swim freely and ensure it has a varied diet. It will do well on meaty foods like shrimp, krill, clams, and small fishes.

Their vibrant color and color patterns make them a great addition to the tank.

Queen Parrotfish

Queen Parrotfish

Queen Parrotfish do not talk or mimic human speech, unlike the parrot birds. other common names for this fish include Blueman, Blue Chub, Blownose, Slimy Head, etc

This marine fish is a member of the Scaridae family. It has a heavy body and a mouth that looks like a bird’s beak. It is usual to find the Queen Parrotfish in groups of about 4 or 5 individuals.

They feed on algal turf that they scrape off the surface of rocks. But they also eat sponges and other organisms that may be covered in the matted alga. Sometimes, they swallow mineral particles on the sandy sea bed.

Queen Parrotfish typically spends its daytime foraging for food. But it spends its night hiding from predators by covering itself in a thick layer of mucus and staying in crevices.


Quillfish is another impressive fish on our list of fish, beginning with Q. It is one of the many wonders of nature that man is yet to learn all about. But here are a few things to learn about this fish.

It is a species in the Ptilichthys genus and is native to the north pacific ocean. It grows up to about 15 inches and loves to spend time on the water surface at night.

One possible they come to the surface is that they are attracted to the light of the fishing boats. But this is speculation as very little is known about this fish.

It has an eel-like body, long and slender, and a very thin tail fin. It has no pelvic fins. Notwithstanding their body structures, they are carnivores and prey on small aquatic crustaceans, worms, and fish eggs laid by other fishes on the surfaces of rocks.

Queen Danio

Queen Danio

This freshwater fish species is also known as Fowler’s Danio. It is related to the Zebra Danio species as they are part of the same order and family.

This fish is an interesting species. With its small body shape and fins of no more than 3 inches, it prefers fast-moving rivers. It is common in Asia. Places you will find these fish include India, Northwest Malaya, Thailand, and the Mekong River.

It is a tropical fish and prefers a temperature range of about 73°F-77°F. A Queen Danio typically feeds on small crustaceans like crawfish and mudbugs, insects, and worms.

It is a peaceful species, and its usual place in the tank is the middle level. This is one freshwater fish you want to add to your wish list if you are not already keeping it.

But they are part of those fish species that are really hard to get in pet stores; they are scarce.



This is the last of our top 5 fish that start with q. But it is by no means the least in terms of beauty, color, or any other criteria.

It is a sucker fish widely distributed throughout North America. It is also referred to as Quillback Carpsucker.

The Quillback is related to carps and even resembles carps. But the defining feature differentiating them from carps is the absence of barbels around their mouth.

In the wild, they are pretty difficult to catch. They are omnivores, and they love feeding together as a group. A school of quillbacks typically prefers well-oxygenated and clear warm rivers, lakes, and streams.

It is not unusual to find them moving slowly over the riverbed as they feast on small crustaceans, mollusks, and the available plant matters.

List of Fish Beginning With Q

The name of the next fish to be included in your tank might just be down there waiting for you.

Check out other fish that start with q below.

  • Quadratus nelsoni
  • Quadratus taiwanae
  • Qianlabeo striatus
  • Quadratus ancon
  • Quagga goby
  • Quakerfish
  • Quadratus yangi
  • Quagga cat shark
  • Queen croaker
  • Queen snapper
  • Queen coris
  • Queensland dottyback
  • Queensland lungfish
  • Queensland blenny
  • Queensland deepwater skate
  • Queensland school mackerel
  • Queensland seahorse
  • Queensland shark
  • Queensland toadfish
  • Queensland yellowtail angelfish
  • Queensland pygmy goby
  • Queensland-kongemakrel
  • Queensland frogfish
  • Queensland groper
  • Queensland halibut
  • Queensland mackerel
  • Queensland sawfish
  • Queensland stinkfish
  • Queensland triangular batfish
  • Queensland trumpeter
  • Queensland mountain trout
  • Queensland mouthbrooder
  • Queensland cusk
  • Quetzal cichlid
  • Querimana silverside
  • Quillfin blenny
  • Quillback rockfish
  • Quitobaquito pupfish
  • Quoy’s garfish
  • Quilon electric ray
  • Qurqufan

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