Fish That Start With U [Extensive Freshwater & Saltwater Fish Name List]

Common names of fish can be hard to memorize, especially when they start with an odd letter like the letter U.

It could be a total flop as you have to refer back to the published articles over and again to get the names correctly. It gets harder when there are a few similar scientific names too.

But we have taken the time to ease your struggle with this article in our alphabet fish name series. You can find popular and new fish names that start with the letter U in case you desire to add a new fish to your tank.

This article will help you learn common names of fish, beginning with U and more. You can start your learning by first checking out our top 5 fish that start with U.

Our Top 5 Fish That Start With U

Unicorn Fish

Unicorn Fish

Unicorn Fish is the first of our top 5 fish. There are many other unicorn fish species with distinct scientific names. But the Bluespine species has occasionally appeared in the trade. It is closely related to Sturgeon fish.

It is common in Indo-Pacific Asia. This saltwater fish is not much of a browser. Although it thrives on brown and red algae, it will seize every opportunity to feed on helpless prey like crab larvae and any other invertebrate within its range.

They are commonly found on coral reefs, especially in areas with strong surges. They usually grow to about 20-24 inches in the wild. They start growing the horn when they reach about 5 inches in length.

Upside Down Catfish

Upside Down Catfish

Catfishes are common in the hobby but have you ever heard of the Upside Down Catfish?

This fish is one of the fishes in the Synodontis genus. This genus has about 130 different species of catfish, many of which are called Upside Down Catfish.

One impressive thing about the Upside Down Catfish that you will notice is that it swims upside down. That is one of the shocking facts about this fish.

Apart from this unusual swimming pattern, you will also notice that the Upsidedown Catfish make a squeaking sound when you remove them from the water.

Uaru Cichlid

Uaru Cichlid

Of all the shocking facts about the Uaru Cichlid, the most striking fact is that it is an intelligent freshwater fish with a unique character.

This freshwater fish is not as brightly colored as many other aquarium fish species, but it is a captivating fish to keep. Waroo and Chocolate Cichlid are other common names for this fish.

They may not be as brightly colored as other aquarium fish nor as easy to keep, but what they lack in color and ease of care, they make up for it with their intelligence.

Another intriguing thing about this fish is its impressive appearance. Its fins give it an unusual triangular shape.; making it a very powerful swimmer.

As an omnivore, it feeds on smaller animals in its freshwater habitat. These include insects, crustaceans, worms, and any other small animal that can fit into its mouth.

Usumacinta Sea Catfish

Usumacinta Sea Catfish

In case you are wondering if this is the least of our list of fish names with U at the beginning, it is not.

This fish is one of the fishes with an unusual name, as you will find on any website. It is called the Usumacinta Sea Catfish because it is commonly found in the River Usumacinta, which is between Mexico and Guatemala.

Although the name implies that it is not a freshwater fish, it is a freshwater fish. It prefers to stay in the major channels to large rivers. It has a maximum length of about 23 inches.

Notwithstanding its impressive size, this fish is a demersal fish. Like many other cats, it is a bottom dweller spending most of its time on the floor of the lake. It also prefers tropical freshwater.

As its name suggests, it is a native fish of the Usumacinta basin, but it may be found in other nearby lakes and rivers.

There is not enough information about this fish, but its mystery profile and place of origin have earned it a place on our top pick list as a fish that starts with the letter U.

Umbrella Cichlid

Umbrella Cichlid

Umbrella Apisto is another common name for this fish species. This freshwater fish has a widespread distribution throughout South American rivers. You can find this fish in the Paraguay and Parana rivers in South America.

They are also found in other South American countries like Brazil and Northern Argentina. Umbrella Cichlid is a tropical freshwater fish. It prefers warm freshwater in the temperature range of 72°f to 81°f. You want to ensure that you set your water parameter to the correct temperature.

This fish also thrives well in a slightly acidic to neutral ph. You want to set the correct water pH to help them flourish in your tank.

You want to be careful when picking tank mates. Keeping them with related species like the Dwarf South African Cichlids is better. You can pick other tank mates, but you want to avoid aggressive fish species, fin nippers, and larger fishes.

It is a common fish in the hobby and an excellent choice to start the hobby with if you hope to get an easy fish-keeping experience in the beginning.

List of Fish Beginning With U

Having gone through our top picks from the beginning, we hope you find your dream fish in the list below.

Check out some of the common names you may be familiar with already and the others that may be new to you for the first time.

  • U-mark sandperch (Parapercis snyderi)
  • Uganda nothobranch
  • Ukrainian brook lamprey
  • Umatilla dace
  • U-spot wrasse
  • Uaru fernandezyepezi
  • Uegitglanis zammaranoi
  • Umbrella cichlid
  • Umbrella conger
  • Umbrina reedi
  • Umbrina imberbis
  • Umbrina milliae
  • Umpqua dace
  • Umpqua chub
  • Umpqua squawfish
  • Unarmored threespine stickleback
  • Unarmed dwarf monocle bream
  • Uncisudis advena
  • Uncisudis longirostra
  • Uncinate sculpin
  • Uncombed blenny
  • Underjaw kingfish
  • Uncisudis posteropelvis
  • Undulate painted ray
  • Underjaw kingfish
  • Undistinguished sabretooth
  • Ungusurculus komodoensis
  • Undulated moray
  • Ungusurculus collettei
  • Ungusurculus philippinensis
  • Ungusurculus sundaensis
  • Ungusurculus williamsi
  • Ungusurculus riauensis
  • Unicorn grenadier
  • Unicorn icefish
  • Unicorn leatherjacket
  • Unicolor moray
  • Unicorn crestfish
  • Unicorn sole
  • Union snook
  • Upeneichthys stotti
  • United-lip Gudgeon
  • Upeneus filifer
  • Upeneus guttatus
  • Upeneus mascareinsis
  • Upeneus mouthami
  • Upeneus quadrilineatus
  • Upeneus australiae
  • Upeneus crosnieri
  • Upjaw barb
  • Upper Grijalva livebearer
  • Upland bully
  • Upper Zambesi squeaker
  • Upper Zambezi nembwe
  • Upper Zambezi yellowfish
  • Upper Zambesi labeo
  • Upside-down goby
  • Upsidedown Catfish
  • Upturned snout rattail
  • Upside-down harptail blenny
  • Uranoscopus affinis
  • Uranoscopus chinensis
  • Uranoscopus crassiceps
  • Uranoscopus bauchotae
  • Uranoscopus filibarbis
  • Uranoscopus fuscomaculatus
  • Uranoscopus dahlakensis
  • Uranoscopus marisrubri
  • Uranoscopus marmoratus
  • Uranoscopus guttatus
  • Uroconger erythraeus
  • Urolophus deforgesi
  • Urolophus neocaledoniensis
  • Urchin clingfish
  • Urolophus papilio
  • Uromegarei
  • Urophycis mystacea
  • Uropterygius makatei
  • Uropterygius nagoensis
  • Uropterygius golanii
  • Uropterygius wheeleri
  • Uropterygius genie
  • Uruguay river sprat
  • Uruguay tetra
  • Usangu lampeye
  • Ussuri catfish
  • Urotrygon cimar
  • Ursinoscorpaenopsis kitai
  • Ussuri sharpbelly
  • Usamacinta buffalo
  • Uruguayan eartheater
  • Usumacinta cichlid
  • Usumacinta sea catfish
  • Ussuri sharpbelly
  • Utah chub
  • Utah Lake sculpin
  • Utiaritichthys sennaebragai
  • Utiaritichthys longidorsalis
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