Can Goldfish Live With Guppies?

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Unsurprisingly, you want to keep guppies and goldfish together in the same tank. They are both peaceful fish that are bright and beautiful. While that’s true, are they compatible together? The answer isn’t simple. While they can coexist, there are some challenges to consider. Here we’ll take a closer look at the answer and what … Read more

How Do Guppies Mate? [Process & Ideal Mating Explained]

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Guppies do not lay eggs. These tropical fish are livebearers and will readily reproduce if the condition of the fish tank is favorable. However, guppy breeding can be too much to handle if you are unaware of how guppies mate and what you can do to protect your guppy fry. Here is a detailed explanation … Read more

Do Guppies Give Live Birth? [A Simple Explaination]

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Guppies reproduce at a very fast rate, giving birth to several baby guppies in the aquarium. They are prolific at reproducing a large number of offspring. If care is not taken, they can overcrowd your aquarium. This is why newbies in the hobby may wonder whether guppies breed by laying eggs or birthing live young … Read more

How To Tell If A Guppy Is Male Or Female?

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Guppies are popular aquarium fish for many reasons. They are very hardy and easy to care for, eat just about anything, are beautifully colored, and are super easy to breed! In fact, guppies are the first aquarium fish for millions of people around the world. Of course, in order to breed guppies, you need to … Read more