Do Goldfish Eat Shrimp If You Keep Them Together?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. The answer will depend on many factors. These factors include how big your goldfish tank is, what and how often you feed your goldfish, whether you have enough hiding places for the shrimp, and how big your shrimp are.

However, it is important to point out that goldfish are omnivorous fish; they eat both plants and animals. So it is totally impossible to suggest that goldfish will not reduce the population of shrimp in the tank if the circumstances demand so.

Whether you keep a fancy goldfish or common goldfish tank, the sad truth is that as long as your goldfish’s mouth is big enough to swallow shrimp, your shrimp are not entirely safe. In the wild, goldfish live off tiny creatures small enough to eat, in addition to a plant-based diet.

So it is difficult to suggest that your goldfish will not make dinner out of your small shrimp. But you can do a few things to ensure that the shrimp population in your tank is safe.

Read on to find out.

Can I Keep Brine Shrimp in Goldfish Tank?


No, you cannot keep brine shrimp in the same tank as goldfish. Brine shrimp cannot survive in freshwater for more than 20 minutes. And if you do, there is a great chance they will become fish food for your goldfish, especially if your goldfish live on more than plant matter and fish flakes.

Goldfish like live prey, so you can be sure that those notorious eaters will not hesitate to consume your brine shrimp.

Can I Keep Cherry Shrimp With Goldfish?

Yes, you can let cherry shrimp live with goldfish. These small free-spirited creatures are freshwater crustaceans. They are endemic to the freshwater streams of Taiwan.

Since cherry shrimp are freshwater crustaceans, they can live in the same tank as goldfish. Cherry shrimp make great tank mates for goldfish because they can help clean the tank. Remember that goldfish are notable waste producers.

But you must keep in mind that cherry shrimp and goldfish in the same tank are risky because goldfish will eat your cherry shrimp if they are small enough to swallow.

You can reduce the chances of this happening by adding many tank decorations. These will give the cherry shrimp enough hiding spots from goldfish as they go about cleaning the community tank.

Can I Keep Ghost Shrimp With Goldfish?

They are freshwater crustaceans, and they work hard to clean the tank. Ghost shrimps usually eat leftover food pieces, fish waste, and excess algae. This is why many hobbyist love to keep ghost shrimps. But adding goldfish to a tank with ghost shrimp can be risky.

Naturally, ghost shrimps are goldfish prey, whether babies or adult ghost shrimp. Although they are peaceful creatures, their instincts to hunt ghost shrimp may kick in if you starve them or do not feed them enough.

But you can successfully keep ghost shrimp and goldfish together if you feed your goldfish frequently and with the right diet. Goldfish ignore shrimp when there are other easier food sources in the tank.

You can also add some live and artificial plants to create hiding spots for your ghost shrimp. They are very good at hiding from predatory animals.

Can I Keep Amano Shrimp With Goldfish?

Amano shrimp is another popular freshwater crustacean in the hobby. Amano shrimp are perhaps the only shrimp that can comfortably live with goldfish in the same tank successfully.

Although you can add some live and artificial plants to provide hiding places for the Amano, they can live with goldfish in the same environment because they are too big to fit into your goldfish’s mouth.

However, Amano shrimp are not true freshwater shrimp. They usually have a shorter life span in freshwater aquariums. Also, they cannot reproduce in freshwater. They need brackish water for reproduction.

But other than that, they have a good survival rate when they live in the same tank as goldfish.

Tips for Keeping Goldfish and Shrimp in the Same Fish Tank

Although goldfish eat shrimp, they can live with these aquatic creatures in the same tank if you use some of these tips.

Create Coverage

The first thing you want to do is create enough room for both of them in the tank. Goldfish are bottom feeders. They browse the base and other parts of the tank, looking for something to eat.

Shrimp live within the plant coverage and other hiding spots that you provide them. They are social creatures and usually come out to eat algae, their natural food. But when they are not up to 10, they usually hide rather than grazing in the open.

So you want to create enough space for your fish and enough hiding spots for your shrimp if you want them to live together. If you do not have live plants or you do not want a heavily planted aquarium, you can use fake plants. The goal is to ensure you offer your shrimp places they can hide.

Tank Requirements

Also, it would be best to ensure that the tank conditions are well attended to. Keep the ph levels within the acceptable range for your goldfish and shrimp. The pH levels for freshwater shrimp are anywhere between 6.8-7.5, while goldfish prefer a ph level of 7.0-8.4.

It would be best to adjust the ph level of your tank to a middle point that can accommodate both the goldfish and the shrimp.

Tank Size

You also want to pay attention to the tank size. The tank must be big enough for your goldfish to have their goldfish spot without coming in contact with shrimp. If you are keeping more than one fish, you need at least 10 gallons for each fish.

If you go lower than that, you will increase the chances of confrontation between the shrimp and the goldfish in your aquarium, increasing the chances of your shrimp becoming goldfish food.

Bottom Line

Ensure that your goldfish live a comfortable life by providing a balanced diet. Goldfish require a mix of plant and animal-based food to survive. They are omnivores, so you will need to offer them some high protein diet in addition to the plant matter.

Shrimp will consume the leftovers of your fish, algae, and biofilm. There is hardly any need for supplemental feeding.


Kelly Stanley