Why Do Goldfish Die So Fast?

Why Do Goldfish Die So Fast - Featured Image

Goldfish are normally very long-lived fish. In fact, owning a goldfish is more like entering a long-term relationship. They normally live for several decades when well cared for. If your goldfish are dying quickly, it is a sign that something is wrong with either their environment or the fish itself. So, why do goldfish die … Read more

Do Goldfish Have Teeth?

Do Goldfish Have Teeth - Featured Image

When studying animals, from people to snakes, teeth are some of the first things that we notice. Teeth tell us a lot about the habits of an animal. Does it have sharp teeth for grabbing other animals? Flat teeth to grind and chew up plants? Or a mixture of the two, as omnivores do? It’s … Read more

Can Cats Eat Goldfish?

House cats are the favored companions for many people. And goldfish are just as well-loved and appreciated. But what happens when you mix the two in one home? Are your fish in danger? Will and Can Cats Eat Goldfish? Absolutely! The felines we keep today are fluffy and pampered, as they should be. But they … Read more

Do Goldfish Eat Worms?

Do goldfish eat worms - featured image

Garden variety worms are simple enough to find since they live by the thousands in just about anyone’s yard. If you’re finding them while planting in your garden, you’ve probably wondered, ‘do goldfish eat worms like those?’ And if so, what other kinds of live foods can you offer them. Let’s take a look at … Read more

What to Do With Unwanted Goldfish?

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Considering they can live for several decades, buying a goldfish is a long-term commitment. But sometimes Life happens. You move to an apartment that does not allow pets. You have a job that’s taking you overseas. Or some other issues arise where your fish needs a new home. What to do with unwanted goldfish? Let’s … Read more