How Long Can Betta Fish Go Without Food?


One of the best aspects of caring for our pet betta fish is feeding them. Fish come right to the surface and engage with us during eating. They are at their most active and really appreciate the attention we lavish on them. But what if we have to go away for a while – with … Read more

Datnoid Care: Diet, Lifespan, Tankmates, & More!

Datnoid Care

There are several types of datnoids. They include the Siamese tigerfish, Indonesian tiger fish, New guinea tigerfish, silver tiger fish, and the Thailand tigerfish. They are found in the tropical Southeast Asian water bodies like the Mekong river and other water bodies in the Malay Peninsula. Each species is different and this affects their unique … Read more

How Long Do Clownfish Live? (Nature vs Captivity Lifespan)

How Long Do Clownfish Live

We should probably be grateful to the film Finding Nemo for launching the popularity of the Clownfish into orbit. While this beautiful fish has always been popular with aquarium enthusiasts, Hollywood stardom has certainly made the Clownfish a finned superstar. Clownfish are a favorite with hobbyists because of their striking, bright orange bodies, bold black … Read more

Do Goldfish Eat Mosquito Larvae? And Should They?


Are you wondering about the variety of foods your goldfish can eat? Have you ever wondered do goldfish eat mosquito larvae? The ability to consume almost everything has made the goldfish a highly coveted fish by aquarium lovers. Thus, goldfish do consider mosquito larvae edible and can eat them. Mosquito larvae are a good food … Read more

Can Guppies Live in a Pond? (How Long & Risks)

Can Guppies Survive in a Pond - Featured Image

Are you curiously asking yourself can guppies survive in a pond? This article will review all you need to know about this hardy fish and if an outdoor pond is an ideal place to keep them. Yes, you can keep your guppies in an outdoor pond if you keep them in the right water conditions. … Read more

Do Barracudas Eat Clownfish?

Do Barracudas Eat Clownfish - Featured Image

Many fish lovers and even new hobbyists think barracudas eat clownfish. Some also have the imagination that barracudas eat their eggs too. And all this misconception is a result of Hollywood’s inaccurate depiction of marine life habits in the movie; Finding Nemo. The film has got many things wrong about barracudas and even the reproductive … Read more

How To Make Tap Water Safe for Fish Without Conditioner

How To Make Tap Water Safe for Fish Without Conditioner - Featured Image

A tap water conditioner is usually a water treatment formulation usually mixed with tap water before its use in an aquarium. Fish keepers may purchase one from a local fish shop for water treatment to make tap water safe for fish in their fish tanks. While this is okay, many hobbyists do not like using … Read more

How Long Can Pond Fish Go Without Food?

How long can pond fish eat without food - featured image

Keeping fish in a pond is an art. Many hobbyists enjoy it because the art uses its natural environment. But one important aspect of keeping pond fish is feeding. A pond owner going on a vacation may wonder, how long can pond fish go without food? Here is a detailed piece that discusses the answer … Read more