Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light Review

We’re no stranger to aquarium lighting, and we know it isn’t just for show.

Yes, the lights look striking. They make your fish tank magically glow in the dark, creating a colorful atmospheric feature in the room. Lights also serve a practical purpose, though. Proper lighting helps your fish, plants, and coral flourish.

We’ve been exploring many different aquarium lights so we can report back to you the various options at your disposal. That way, you can make the most informed choice for your needs. LED lights are not only the strongest option for illuminating your fish tank, but they’re also safe and economical.

Today, we’ll highlight the features and key benefits of the Orbit Marine Aquarium LED light manufactured by Current USA. Current USA designed this aquarium light specifically for marine tanks.

The light is suitable for beginners and experts alike, but we feel that beginners will benefit most from this light due to its super simple set-up.

We tested this light for six months. Therefore, this Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light review should give you an accurate idea of how this LED light stands up to the competition.

So, let’s get down to business.

Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light Review – Product Features and Specs

current usa orbit marine aquarium led light

Easy to Program and Control

The USA Orbit Marine boasts a crisp, intuitive control panel. The button controls are clearly marked and self-explanatory. It’s simple to turn the light on and off. You operate a standard infrared wireless remote by pointing at the light and turning it on just like a TV or DVD player.

What Is a Ramp Timer Pro?

The Orbit Marine LED remote control communicates with a device called a Ramp Timer Pro. This device acts as a bridge to the LED aquarium lights. The white light channel works best for daylight effects while the blue light channel is ideal at night.

This LED light controller offers a range of settings. The Ramp Timer controller lets you time the light over 24 hours. You can also dim the lights and change the color.

The Ramp Timer Pro includes four dynamic fade modes. Employ these on-demand features using the remote to mimic common weather patterns, including:

  • Partly cloudy
  • Very cloudy
  • Fading moonlight
  • Storm with lightning

The controller offers other neat features and effects like moon pattern, lightning storm, and cloud cover. But, whatever you do, don’t lose it.

The Installation Process

We feel that Orbit Marine LED light is perfect for beginners since it’s not too complicated to set up.

It comes with the following items:

  • Remote control
  • 24” LED light (2 x single channel lights)
  • Standard power supply
  • Ramp Timer Pro with an infrared sensor which communicates with the remote control
  • 12-24VDC Transformer
easy to install aquarium lighting
Easy to Install Orbit Marine LED Aquarium
  1. First, adjust the mount so that the light fits on top of the mount.
  2. Next, fix the Ramp Timer Pro to the side of the tank using Velcro. Keep it clear so the remote control can connect with it.
  3. Connect the LED lights to the Ramp Timer Pro by connecting the relevant wires.
  4. Connect the transformer to the Ramp Timer Pro and plug it into the mains supply.
  5. Press SET CLOCK.
  6. Press ENTER to set the time.
  7. Press TIMER M1 and TIMER M3 to complete the pre-programmed schedule.

The Ramp Timer Pro has five memory locations that store the color spectrum only. If you press M1, you can use the blue and white manual adjustment arrows to find the color spectrums you like. You can change the intensity of the channels shown on the LCD when you push the arrow buttons.

The last color settings are saved in the M1 memory and can be changed whenever you want.

Before you set the minimum and maximum lighting levels for the blue and white channels, you can utilize the Manual Color Spectrum Mode key (M1) at the top of the remote. This key allows you to manually adjust the intensity of the lighting for each channel on the LCD from 0-100%.

Two-Color Spectrum

Many aquarium LED lights reflect all the colors of the spectrum. This light offers only two. As we said, this light works best for beginners. But if you’re hoping to grow coral, consider a full-spectrum light instead. Although a two-color spectrum light won’t harm your coral, full-spectrum lights promote better growth.

That said, this light still gives off incredible illumination and will light up both fish and coral. It has vibrant two-spectrum colors. You’re also getting great value for money.

The wide-angle dispersion lenses in this light give off plenty of power considering the device’s small aluminum form factor.

Different Presets

The USA Orbit controller comes with several preset programs so you can just press a button for each setting. One setting runs a timer on the light for a 24-hour period. Tweak this setting to adjust the duration of the light. 

The timer also brightens and dulls to mimic sunset and sunrise. The controller allows you to change the intensity of the light to resemble moonlight, sunset, and sunrise, depending on your preference.

Adjustable Docking Mounts

There are no complicated hooks to install with this LED light. Instead, simply use the adjustable metal docking mounts.

It couldn’t be easier to get up and running. It’s far more straightforward than the hanging type of aquarium LED. The docking legs from the docking mounts slide in and out quickly. The mounts ensure a neat fit, no matter the size of your tank. Also, if you need to shift the aquarium, you won’t need to worry about moving ceiling hooks.

The only issue with the docking mounts is that they’re metal and prone to rust. That’s the only meaningful criticism we can level at this superb aquarium LED.


This LED comes with a three-month limited warranty. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with your LED light, contact any local retailer for a replacement part. Most dealers can do this, assuming your light is still under warranty and you have the original receipt.

If a local dealer can’t help you, you can mail the light to Current USA for repair or replacement. You should contact the company before sending the light. They may be able to answer your questions without the hassle of mailing.

Here’s an overview of the leading benefits and minor flaws of the Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light review.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple to set up even for complete beginners
  • A wide range of attractive settings
  • 24-hour light timer for safety and convenience
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Brings out the eye-popping color in your fish and coral


  • Two-color spectrum light rather than full-spectrum
  • You can only operate it with the remote so don’t lose it

UPGRADE: The Pro Version of Current USA Orbit for Reef Tank LED Light

If you’re running a reef tank, why not upgrade to the Pro version to ratchet your reef aquarium lighting up a notch?

The Pro version of the Current USA Orbit for Reef Tank LED Light offers all the benefits of the Orbit LED light. In addition, the tank provides two strip lights instead of one. It also comes with a wave pump manifold in case you’re keeping corals.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Current USA Orbit LED Light

The dimensions of your aquarium should be your primary concern. This LED fits tanks sized from 48” to 60”. If your tank falls outside these parameters, look for a more compact light.

If you don’t cover your aquarium with a transparent lid, be mindful that the adjustable mount is metal and quite easily rusts.

If you’re planning to downsize your tank, you should consider an alternative LED light, as this one will be too bulky.


What Type of Corals Work Best with This Product?

This LED light will work most effectively with low-maintenance corals such as LPS and low-maintenance SPS. If you’re after something to grow coral, a full-spectrum is a smarter choice.

How Far Will the Light Penetrate?

The Current USA Orbit LED Light can reach as far as 24”. For deeper aquariums, we recommend that you use two units side-by-side. Due to their compact and narrow features, you can easily configure a pair of lights.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Current USA Orbit LED Light is a reliable choice if you’re looking for an aquarium light for a regular tank. Since it’s so easy to set up, we’d particularly recommend this light for beginners. Anyone can work out how to plug it in and place it on top of the tank.

The controls are self-explanatory and fully customizable. The principal drawback is that you can only change the settings using the remote control. Don’t lose it, or you’ll be in trouble!

The different settings are exciting for the customer. The lightning effect is commanding, and we love the sunrise-to-sunset transition effect, too.

The light is strong enough for LPS corals but not for SPS corals. Nevertheless, your tank will look phenomenal as the colors are still bright and pop out.

In our opinion, the compact footprint and the simplicity of installation are the primary benefits of the Current USA Orbit LED Light.

Don’t forget to bookmark our site and pop back any time you want guidance on the best gear for your fish tank. See you soon!

Kelly Stanley