Why Does My Aquarium Filter Get Dirty So Fast?

In this article, I’ll answer the common question: why does my aquarium filter get dirty so fast?

Reasons Why Aquarium Filters Get Dirty So Fast

Your aquarium filter can get dirty quickly due to the following reasons:

Overcrowding in the Fish Tanks

If your fish tank is overpopulated, the filter will get dirty quickly because of the increased production and release of excess fish waste into the tank.

Uneaten Food

If you leave uneaten foods in the aquarium, it will make the fish tank water get dirty so fast. This will also mean more work for your filter in a short time.

Too Much Light and Less Live Plants in the Fish Tank

Too much light is ideal for alga bloom. Your fish tank water will become grimy faster than it should.

Little or no live plants also mean less competition for the nutrients that alga needs for growth. Little or less live vegetation in the tank will lead to quickly soiled fish tank water.

Why Does Water in My Tank Get Dirty So Fast?

Using a small tank for a large fish population is a possible reason. Keeping a small aquarium clean can be very challenging when the population in the aquarium is too much.

But an overly large aquarium is also not ideal. It will leave your fish uncomfortable and susceptible to stress.

Another reason is using the wrong filter or one with less flow rate. Some fish produce more waste than others. Learn about your fish to know if it produces more waste than others and the suitable filtration system for it.

How Do I Keep My Tank Clean and Reduce Fish Waste?

  • Use the right filtration system
  • To reduce fish waste and keep the aquarium clean, you need to use the right filter for your fish. Some fish are more prolific waste producers than others.
  • Use Algae eaters
  • Introduce an algae eater into the tank to nibble algae off the substrate and the aquarium walls.
  • Feed fish appropriately
  • The uneaten food pollutes the water in the tank and makes it challenging to keep the fish tank clean. Feed only what they can finish in two minutes or less.
  • Have a cleaning routine
  • Clean tank frequently. Clean the inside and outside of the tank.

How Frequent Should Tank Water Go Through the Filter?

A good rule for selection is to pick a filter with a flow rate no less than 6 times the tank’s volume. So to keep a 50-gallon tank clean, you need a filter with a flow rate of 300gallon per hour (gph).

Can I Keep My Aquarium Crystal Clear?

No, you cannot. Aquarium filters are usually manufactured for specific capacities. But if you want to get better results, it would be best to buy filters rated tanks a little larger than yours.

Can Fish Eat Fish Poop?

No, fish cannot and will not eat other fish poop. There are no fish species that eat fish poop. You may think fish in the cleaner crew category will, but they don’t. Cory fish and plecos do not eat poop, and neither do invertebrates.

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