Glofish Angelfish Tank Mates: Can Glofish Tetras Live With Angelfish?

It is possible to have glofish tetras and other glofish varieties in the same tank with angelfish. They are genetically modified black skirt tetras, and they prefer a water temperature range similar to angelfish. But there are many other factors to consider.

Here is a detailed explanation of the risks involved for glofish, angelfish, and more!

Can Glofish Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Yes, glofish tetras can live with angelfish. Like black skirt tetras, they are a peaceful fish to keep with your angelfish. But you want to keep more than a glo tetra in the aquarium.

Glofish tetras are terrible fin nippers, especially when they are lonely. They will nip at the long angelfish fins and damage them. But when you keep several glofish tetras, they will stay busy within the shoal.

close-up shot of a beautiful angelfish

Glofish tetras are tiny fish, and angelfish are opportunistic eaters that will pretty much munch anything that enters their mouths. So, there is the risk of glofish tetras being eaten by angelfish. But you can lower that risk by keeping both species in a big community tank.

Are Glofish Tetras Hostile?

No, glofish tetras are not hostile. They are generally peaceful and will usually spend their time socializing in the shoal and enjoying the company of other glofish tetras. You will typically find them exploring every part of the tank together.

But they tend to nip at the long fins of other fish, and your angelfish is likely to suffer from their fin nipping behavior. You can reduce the chances of them nipping at your angelfish fin by using a big tank with plenty of hiding places. 

Keeping more than one angelfish can also help to reduce the fin nipping behavior.

Tips To Curb Glofish Tetras Nibbling at Angelfish’s Fins?

Provide Enough Room

Fin nipping is more likely to occur in a smaller tank than in a bigger tank. The obvious reason is that both fish species do not have enough room. In a small tank, you can trust these fin nippers to nibble on the angelfish fins as they try to defend their territory.

With a big tank, both fish species will have enough room to swim and hardly bump into each other. So, the chances of fin nipping are drastically reduced.

Build Abundant Hiding Spots and Covers

Spots to hide are instrumental in stopping the fin nibbling behavior of glofish tetras. You can have decorated hides and aquatic plants in the tank to shield the angelfish from the glo tetras whenever they are tempted to go on a fin nibbling spree.

The hiding spots could also come in handy for the small glofish and when the angelfish becomes an ambush predator.

Water Condition

One common reason for a glofish tetra’s fin nibbling behavior is stress from unfavorable water conditions.

When the water parameters are unfavorable, glofish tetras become stressed and do what they instinctively do when they are stressed; nibbling at the fins of other fish in the tank.

Ensuring the right water parameters is very important if you want to stop this behavior. Ensure that the water temperature is right and there is no pollutant in your aquarium. This will prevent stress and, in turn, prevent any aggressive show of frustration by your glofish tetras.


Provide Food in Abundance

When food in the aquarium is not enough, glofish tetras will naturally become aggressive, and they will show this with their fin nibbling behavior.

To avoid putting your angels at risk, you want to provide enough food for everyone. This will prevent a scenario where your glofish tetras nip the fins of your angel to the point of causing serious damage.

Will Angelfish Eat Glofish Tetras?

Although angels are not as aggressive as other cichlids from the Cichlidae family, they feed on neon tetras in the wild. Therefore there is a likelihood that they may chomp your glofish tetras.

Another thing to consider is the size of your glofish tetras. Your glofish tetras can fit into their mouth as they are way bigger. So, there is a chance that they can eat glofish tetras, especially in a small community tank without much room and hiding space.

How To Stop Angelfish From Eating Glofish Tetras?

  • The first way to prevent your angelfish from eating your glofish tetras is by getting a large tank. Large tanks, with enough room and hiding places, reduce the chances of a confrontation between both fish species.
  • The second way is to introduce the angelfish to the community tank last. If you introduce the glofish tetras last, the angelfish will consider them food, and you can expect the worst. They will devour your glo fish tetras.
  • But if you introduce the angelfish last, they will ignore the glofish tetras as part of the tank’s ecosystem.
  • The third way is to choose only the smallest angelfish instead of an adult angelfish.
  • And the final step is to feed your angel frequently. 

With these four steps, you will have reduced the chances of your angels eating your glofish tetras.

Can Glofish Danios Live With Angelfish?

Red zebrafish on a dark blue background

Glofish danios are genetically modified zebra danios. Like zebra danios, they are the only glofish variety that can withstand a wider range of water temperatures. So a little more warmth will do them no harm.

Apart from being hardy, they are also peaceful and live happily in schools. So yes, glofish danios and angelfish can live together. But they can only live together if these three conditions are met;

  • The glo danios must be too big to fit into the angel’s mouth,
  • The tank must be big enough to make sufficient room for both species, and
  • You have to keep the glofish danios as a school instead of one.

There is a high chance that your angelfish will eat your glofish danios if you fail to satisfy any of these conditions.

Can Glofish Tiger Barbs Live With Angelfish?

Glofish Tiger Barbs

It is not ideal to house glofish tiger barbs with angelfish. Tiger barbs are very aggressive, and their aggression is neither linked to fights for territories nor predation.

They have an uncommon temperament. Pairing them with your angelfish is not advisable, as they will damage your angelfish flowy fins.

Can Glofish Rainbow Shark Live With Angelfish?

It is not advisable to have a glofish rainbow shark in the same tank with angelfish.

Glofish sharks are genetically modified red finned sharks. They have a reputation for being very aggressive with other fish and even with themselves. Glofish rainbow is also nasty fin nippers that will ruin the flowy fins of your angels.

What Fish Can Live With Glofish Tetras?

Like black skirt tetras, these fin nippers are a schooling fish. As long as you keep a school of no less than 6 tetras in the aquarium to check their fin nibbling behavior, the following are some great tankmates for them:

  • Honey gouramis
  • Plecos
  • Tiger barbs
  • Cardinal tetras
  • Black neon tetras
  • Corydoras (Cory Catfish)

What Fish Can Live With Glofish Barbs?

Apart from being fast swimmers, these fin nippers will dart around the tank, chasing slow-moving fish to nip their fins. But as long as you keep a school of no less than 6, these fish species will make great tankmates:

  • Cory Catfish
  • Tinfoil Barbs
  • Red-Finned Sharks (As long as you keep only one in the tank)
  • Plecos
  • Platies
  • Mollies
  • Clown loaches
  • Rosy barbs
  • Swordtails
  • Cherry barbs

What Fish Can Live With Glofish Danios?

Like a zebra danio, glo fish danios tend to be fierce when the tank is too cramped or empty. These fin nippers are very social schooling fish and will rarely attack other community fish in the fish tank if kept as a shoal of at least 6. The following fish are great tankmates to consider:

  • Platies
  • Black neon tetras
  • Zera barbs
  • Gold barbs
  • Corydoras (Cory Catfish)
  • Khuli loaches
  • Swordtails
  • Cardinal tetras
  • Clown plecos

What Fish Can Cohabit With Glofish Rainbow Sharks?

Rainbow sharks are exceedingly aggressive, territorial, and solitary bottom feeders in the wild. They usually avoid each other’s company. The glofish rainbow shark is no different, and that is why it is recommended as a general rule that you have no more than one in your fish tank. 

It would be best not to keep bottom feeders as tank mates to prevent a confrontation and injuries between the tank mates and rainbow sharks.

Cichlids, Catfish, Redtail sharks, Bala sharks, Plecos, and Loaches are some bottom feeders that should not be housed with glofish sharks.

You also want to avoid housing a betta with glofish rainbow sharks. Bettas are as fiercely territorial as glofish sharks. It would be a disaster.

Tankmates to consider are:

  • Gouramis
  • Danios
  • Rasboras
  • Barbs

Barbs are perhaps the only exception to the rule that bottom dwellers should not be housed with a glofish shark. They seem to be generally compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Serpae Tetras Cohabit With Angelfish?

Serpae tetras are remorseless fin nippers and are usually attracted to the long beautiful fins of angelfish.

If you keep them both in the same tank, the Serpae tetras will damage your angelfish fins. Your angelfish will become stressed from injured fins and susceptible to other health issues.

Can Neon Tetras Cohabit With Angelfish?

No, you shouldn’t house neon tetras with angels. Almost all Cichlids, including angelfish, will eat smaller fish that can fit into their mouth. Although neon tetras engage in fin nibbling, they are smaller fish. 

It will prove problematic as your angelfish might swallow your neon tetras or suffer from their fin nibbling behavioral tendency.

Can Cardinal Tetras Cohabit With Angelfish?

It is very risky to house cardinal tetras with angelfish. Although slightly bigger than neon tetras, they can still fit into the mouth of an angelfish. The angelfish will likely eat cardinal tetras, and the cardinal tetras will nibble on the angel’s fins. 

But you can reduce that risk by providing a large tank with lots of hiding places and enough room for both to swim.

Final Words: Can Glofish Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Glofish live in warm water just as their natural counterparts live in tropical freshwater. This means they can cohabit.

But glofish angelfish aquariums are only possible with some glofish varieties. While some are peaceful enough to cohabit with angels freely if some conditions are met, it is too risky for others.

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