Do Glofish Need a Heater?

There are hardly any glofish species that are not popular in the aquarium hobby. Glofish are largely tropical fish found in the tropical waters and river basins of South America and other regions like the indo-china water bodies.

Of all the glofish species, there is only one that can withstand cold water at cooler temperatures: the glofish danio. For the other species, you require a heater to ensure the ideal temperature that they need.

Here’s the answer to whether if do glofish need a heater or not and makes some great recommendations if you are keeping glofish.

Do Glofish Need a Heater?

Yes, glofish tetras do. If you are keeping a glofish tetra, your glofish needs a heater in the aquarium.

The standard and the long-finned glofish tetras are genetically modified versions of the black widow tetras, also known as black skirt tetra.

They are tropical freshwater fish. Hence, you would need a heater to replicate their natural environment.

blurry image of Glofish underwater
  • Water Temperature Range: 70°f-82°f.
  • PH Level: 6.0 to 7.5
  • Water Hardness Level: 4-8 dkH
  • Smallest Acceptable Tank Size: 15-gallon tank. They are naturally a schooling fish species. It would be best to keep them in groups. A 15-gallon tank can comfortably take 6 of them.

You can keep them in a 15-gallon tank with a 50 or 75 watts heater. But if you would like to have more glofish tetras in a bigger tank, a 20-gallon tank with a 100-watts heater will work perfectly.

Do Glofish Danios Need a Heater?

Red zebrafish on a dark blue background

No, you don’t need a heater for glofish Danios. Glofish Danios are genetically modified zebra danios. Like Zebra danios, your glofish danio is durable. It can impressively withstand cooler temperatures and other changes in the tank’s water parameters.

They are the only species that can tolerate cooler temperatures.

  • Water Temperature Range: 64°f to 77°f.
  • PH Level: Neutral.; 6.5 and 7.5.
  • Water Hardness Level: 8-12 kH.
  • Smallest Acceptable Tank Size: A 10-gallon tank. Glofish Danios grow up to about 2 inches. The smallest tank size you can use is a 10-gallon tank will take 5 of them comfortably. They prefer to be kept in school, so the bigger the tank, the better for your fish.

If you wish to use a heater, a 50 watts heater will work just fine with the 10-gallon tank, and a 100 watts heater will work just fine with a 20-gallon tank. You can make them happier by going for a longer tank since these small fish love to dart around in the aquarium.

Do Glofish Tiger Barbs Need a Heater?

Tiger barbs in aquarium

The glofish tiger barb is a genetically modified tiger barb. Like the original tiger barb that loves warm tropical waters, the glofish tiger barb is no different. They are also tropical fish. It would be best to have them in a heated aquarium to keep them healthy and within the water temperatures that they prefer.

Tiger barbs are a typical semi-aggressive fish. They usually engage in fin nipping, but you can check the problem by keeping only a sizeable number.

  • Optimal Water Temperature Range: 74°f to 80°f.
  • PH Level: Acidic water 6.0 – 7.0.
  • Water Hardness Level: 4-10 dKH.
  • Smallest Acceptable Tank Size: They are slightly larger than other glofish species. While the recommended minimum tank size for glofish tiger barbs is 20 gallons, it would be best to go bigger with a 30-gallon tank because they are active swimmers and are mildly aggressive.

Like neon tetras, they are also schooling fish, so keeping at least 6 of them is a great starting point. They will get depressed if housed alone; hence a community tank would be better if you wish to keep glofish tiger barbs. You will need a 150 watts heater for a school of 5-6 glofish tiger barbs in a 30-gallon tank.

Do Glofish Sharks Need a Heater?

pink  Glofish Sharks in isolated black background

Glofish sharks are the same as red-finned sharks or rainbow sharks, except they are genetically modified. Rainbow sharks are warm-water fish. They are native to the water bodies between china and India.

They will hardly do well in an unheated aquarium as they love and prefer warm water. A water heater is required to keep the tank water at their temperature preferences.

  • Optimal Water Temperature Range: 72°f to 79°f.
  • PH Level: 6.5 – 7.5.
  • Water Hardness Level: 3-14 dKH.
  • Smallest Acceptable Size: Although a 30-gallon tank is recommended as the smallest tank for glofish sharks, the smallest tank you should use is a 50-gallon tank per glofish shark.They grow up to 6 inches and are very aggressive. They are notorious for their very short temper and are also very territorial as they will fight until there is only one alpha standing. If you keep more than one in the same tank, you would be doing that at your own risk.

You require a water heater to keep the glofish tank warm enough for your glofish sharks. If you decide to keep one in a 30 – 50 gallon tank, a 150 – 250 watts water heater will be sufficient to keep your glofish tank warm enough.

Recommended Glofish Heaters

Logically, some heaters will be too much for small tanks to handle. Another thing you want to watch out for when getting a heater is understanding the heater type.

Here are some recommendations.

Glofish Aquarium Heaters for Small Tanks

PULACO 25Watts Small Aquarium Betta Heater

This is a great pick for small tanks under 6 gallons. It is only 2.7 inches which means it will fit in well without any problems. It is completely submersible, ideal for small tanks but nothing shorter than 1-inch height.

Tetra HT 50 Watts Submersible Aquarium Heater For Tropical Fish

This is another great pick for aquariums bigger than 6 gallons but still within the small tank range. This heater has indicator lights red and green. The red lets you know it is heating, and the green lets you know when the right temperature is attained. You can submerge it in the water fully and even conceal it b behind your aquarium décor as it is very portable.

Glofish Aquarium Heaters for Medium Tanks

HITOP 50W 100W 300W Adjustable Aquarium Heater For Tropical Fish

The HITOP 50W 100W 300W Adjustable Aquarium Heater is the right heater for your medium-sized tanks. Apart from being fully submersible, it is easy to use and even comes with a sticker thermometer to watch the temperature. and a LED light.

Its glass is about 33% thicker than normal glass, making it safer than many other products on the market. It is good for keeping glofish and many other fish warm.

Hygger 100W Titanium Aquarium Heater For Schooling Fish

The Hygger 100W Titanium Aquarium Heater is another great medium tank option. It comes with a thermostat and a thermometer. It is also fully submersible, and it has two hold points where it attaches to the glass surface of your aquarium well. It has an indicator light to show the heating status and a control unit for you to shift the degree units between Celcius and Fahrenheit.

Glofish Aquarium Heaters for Large Tanks

EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 150W For Large Fish Tank

The EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat 150W heater is made of shatter-proof glass and is also shock resistant. It is fully submersible and can heat your large aquariums effectively. It has a TruTemp dial that regulates the aquarium’s temperature with precision.

Hygger 800W Titanium Steel Aquarium Heater For Glofish Species

The Hygger 800 watts Titanium Steel Aquarium Heater is one of the surest ways to maintain the ideal temperature range in your larger aquariums. It is equipped to service tanks larger than 60 gallons.

It also automatically shuts down when it is not fully submerged or overheats. It also has a fully automatic smart thermostat and is very versatile. It is great for keeping fish warm, especially if you have many fish in your aquarium.

Final Thoughts

For a great experience with glofish in the aquarium hobby, you would need to take proper care of your fish by ensuring that the aquarium water has the proper temperature. Good water quality is also important. A water conditioner, a reliable filter, and a good air pump are some things you need to have to avoid poor water quality.

For community tanks, a few glofish is not ideal. They tend to get stressed and almost always become aggressive to their tank mates. Except for the glofish sharks, keep no less than 5-6 at a time. This is important because most of them are like neon tetras; they are schooling fish.

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