Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light Review


We’re no stranger to aquarium lighting, and we know it isn’t just for show. Yes, the lights look striking. They make your fish tank magically glow in the dark, creating a colorful atmospheric feature in the room. Lights also serve a practical purpose, though. Proper lighting helps your fish, plants, and coral flourish. We’ve been … Read more

Red Slime Algae: What Is It And How Do You Get Rid Of It?

How to Get Rid of Red Algae - Featured Image

If you’re anything like most aquarium owners, you care deeply about your fish. You are meticulous about your reef tank and want your aquarium in tiptop condition. That’s exactly why red slime algae are such unwelcome visitors in your aquarium’s ecosystem. Red algae can blanket tank walls, live rocks, and even invertebrates such as clams … Read more

How Much Live Rock Per Gallon Do I Need?

How Much Live Rock Per Gallon - Featured Image

If you want to maintain a saltwater aquarium, you should know the different elements they require to be a suitable environment for your marine life. A tank should have more than just water. Adding a healthy foundation and beautiful decorations are an essential and fun part of maintaining your aquarium. Before you begin adding your … Read more