How Long Can Pond Fish Go Without Food?

How long can pond fish eat without food - featured image

Keeping fish in a pond is an art. Many hobbyists enjoy it because the art uses its natural environment. But one important aspect of keeping pond fish is feeding. A pond owner going on a vacation may wonder, how long can pond fish go without food? Here is a detailed piece that discusses the answer … Read more

10 Fish That Eat Mosquito Larvae But Not Tadpoles

Fish that eat mosquito larvae but not tadpoles - featured image

Pond fish are more than just beautiful residents of our water gardens. They can serve a wide range of roles. Fish eat algae, clean the bottom… And some will eat mosquitoes and their larvae, which can make hanging out by a backyard pond less than fun. So what are some fish that eat mosquito larvae … Read more

Is Tapping On Fish Tank Glass Okay?

Is Tapping On Fish Tank Glass Okay Featured Image

Are you wondering why you keep seeing signs like “Don’t tap on the fish tank” outside aquariums? Have you ever considered it an overreaction on the part of the aquarium owner? Is tapping on fish tank glass okay, or does it affect them? Fishes don’t have any visible ears to hear sound… right?  This article … Read more

What Size Tank for 2 Goldfish?

Aquariums are always a lovely sight to behold, and one of the most popular fish for display is the goldfish. For goldfish optimized growth and fish health, fish tank size matters. So, the question is: what size tank for 2 goldfish? How Many Goldfish Can You Have Per Gallon Tank? Generally, from the gallon/inch rule of … Read more

What Is A Female Fish Called?

What Is a Female Fish Called - Featured Image

Animals are sexually dimorphic in many cases. This means you can tell the sex. But unlike humans and other animals in the wild, this is not the case with fish. Even with sufficient studying, you can hardly tell which is the male or female fish.  This article discusses what is a female fish called and … Read more