Do Glofish Need a Heater?

Do Glofish need a heater - featured image

There are hardly any glofish species that are not popular in the aquarium hobby. Glofish are largely tropical fish found in the tropical waters and river basins of South America and other regions like the indo-china water bodies. Of all the glofish species, there is only one that can withstand cold water at cooler temperatures: … Read more

10 Fish That Eat Mosquito Larvae But Not Tadpoles

Fish that eat mosquito larvae but not tadpoles - featured image

Pond fish are more than just beautiful residents of our water gardens. They can serve a wide range of roles. Fish eat algae, clean the bottom… And some will eat mosquitoes and their larvae, which can make hanging out by a backyard pond less than fun. So what are some fish that eat mosquito larvae … Read more

Can Goldfish Eat Mealworms?

Can Goldfish Eat Mealworms - Featured Image

Mealworms can seem like a very unusual item to feed aquarium fish. They are fairly large and very squirmy! Reptile and amphibian owners offer them to their pets. But would a goldfish or some other aquarium fish ever find mealworms interesting? Can goldfish eat mealworms? Can Goldfish Eat Mealworms? Many fish eat mealworms. Since they … Read more

How To Tell If A Guppy Is Male Or Female?

How To Tell If A Guppy Is Male Or Female - Featured Image

Guppies are popular aquarium fish for many reasons. They are very hardy and easy to care for, eat just about anything, are beautifully colored, and are super easy to breed! In fact, guppies are the first aquarium fish for millions of people around the world. Of course, in order to breed guppies, you need to … Read more

What Fish Eat Poop in An Aquarium? [Poop Eating Fish 101]

Poop Eating Fish - Featured Image

Fish poop is a hot topic when people are thinking about setting up a brand new fish tank. Because what goes in must come out, and that includes fish food. Fish waste is released into the water and quickly floats down to the bottom. But what happens then? Does it need to be removed somehow? … Read more

Longhorn Cowfish Lifespan – How Long Do Cowfish Live?

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Longhorn Cowfish are saltwater creatures that can be found throughout the Indo-Pacific. They appear yellow, box-shaped, and have horns on each side of their face and rear. If adequately cared for, cowfish can survive an extended period, especially if kept in a household tank. Cowfish in captivity have an approximate 16 inches height and a … Read more