Where to Place Aquarium Heaters

Where to Place Aquarium Heaters

If you’re new to aquariums, did you know that a quality heater is vital to your fish’s health and well-being? It’s an essential piece of equipment that keeps your fish happy and active. Without it, you risk disease and expensive resupplying, as well as the potential for an awkward conversation with your kids. In this … Read more

Aquarium Heater Size Ultimate Guide

aquarium heater size

When setting up an aquarium, your goal is to create a little bubble of the environment that your fish and other aquatic critters would live in if they were in the wild—that includes water temperature. Aside from cold-water species, such as goldfish, that usually require an aquarium heater, and it’s essential to choose the right … Read more

How Does a Canister Filter Work?

How Does a Canister Filter Work

Without a filter, aquarium water will retain dirt, chemicals, and other particles that are harmful to the fish in your tank. If you’re in the market for canister filters, but you’re unsure how they work, our blog will explore everything you need to know to get started. What is a Canister Filter? A canister filter … Read more

The Top 55 Gallon Aquarium Stands of 2022 Compared

55 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Whether your passion is fish, reptiles, or amphibians, a large tank, herbarium, or terrarium affords you a lot of versatility and grand selection for your pets. A 55-gallon fish tank allows pet owners to house a small school of small fish comfortably or blend larger (more delicate) breeds in style. Such a massive tank takes … Read more

11 Best LED Lighting for Reef Tanks (2022 Reviews & Guide)

Best LED Lighting for Reef Tanks

Without an LED lighting system in your reef aquarium, you are not truly getting the most out of the experience. The visual effects of these lighting systems allow you to showcase the finer details of all that your exciting marine life collection has to offer. Not only does it offer outstanding visual effects, but LED … Read more